The Glitz aka. Daniel Nitsch and Andreas Henneberg is a German producer duo with roots in Berlin and Rostock. It all started around 2001 in the early days of the internet. They met in a chatroom for electronic music, and it quickly became clear they shared the same passion for music. Only a year later they started their first record label “Voltage Musique Records” and in 2006 they started making music together under the alias “The Glitz”. After the first successful releases they released the hit “White Line” that really put them on the map in 2008, and the rest is history.

They have released numerous singles and remixes since then. In 2015 they took the big step and released their first album “No Drama” quickly followed by “No Drama Remixed” where they invited artists like Bruno Furlan, Italoboyz, Rick Wade, Yousef and DJ Pierre to reinterpret the album titles. These released cemented their standing as solid and versatile producers in the electronic music scene, and catapulted them onto the international stage with their first big Australia and US tour following soon thereafter.

Today they are not only loved and celebrated for their magnificent productions, but also for their captivating, fun and energetic performances. When you see Daniel and Andreas on stage, you are immediately drawn to their laid back yet spontaneous style. They have a way to make you feel what they feel, and in this musical symbioses you can let go and lose yourself in their grooves, knowing they will take great care of you for the next couple of hours.

While playing and producing their unique sound, Daniel and Andreas could not be more different when you dive deeper into their backgrounds. While Andreas prompts influences from the early rave days such as Love Parade in Berlin, Timewarp Mannheim and the legendary Thunderdome movement, Daniel had his beginnings crate digging for music from the early British BigBeat and Break-wave, following TripHop-heads like Massive Attack and Portishead and getting inspired by the philosophy of artists such as DJ Hell and Laurent Garnier.

But it is exactly this wide range of influences that make them work so well together. Through their studio jam-sessions they always discover new musical territory and allow themselves to produce music outside the box while always keeping a distinct “The Glitz-sound” in their releases. This characteristic style resonates with fans all over the world, making them a sought after act on some of the biggest festival and club stages across the globe such as Fusion Festival (DE), Sisyphos (Berlin), Desert Hearts Festival (US), Halcyon (San Francisco), Chi Wow Way Town (AU), The Villa (Oslo) and Sash (Sydney). Not to mention the big milestone of four cross-over orchestra shows with “Synth Happens”, where they played their music live together with Philharmonic Orchestras from Mannheim, Dortmund and Rostock.

by Marie Staggat
by Marie Staggat

Although Daniel and Andreas also have demanding solo projects, they always make time to get in the studio and go on tour together. Over the last four years they have taken a pinch of all their inspirations, all their experiences and all their aspirations for the future, and started to cook on their second, much anticipated album. The album “Axen” marks the beginning of a new chapter for The Glitz as they embark on a journey beyond the world of electronic music and shows us the diverse soundscapes you can find in Andreas and Daniel’s musical multiverse, with the genres ranging from the classic House and Techno genres, to also introducing their take on Trip Hop, Neo RnB, Hip Hop, Ballad and Electronica.

Born out of a desire to create a space to explore and expand their unique sound, their new album “Axen” is a bold extension of The Glitz’ vision and purpose. It has been a long time coming and is the result of four intense years in the studio together with the unique and talented singer and songwriter Mulay. And now it is time to present the full album to the world.

This journey into their musical realm has resonated with fans and colleagues alike the last months, putting the first single on position 1 in the German Club Charts for four weeks straight (it is still in the Beatport top100 after 7 months).

In their own way, each song carries the unique sound characteristics that Andreas and Daniel are so known and loved for, while giving them space to experiment and show themselves in new ways. The mix of emotionally charged, dance floor oriented and vibrant songs are bound to give the listeners an entrancing, unforgettable experience.

Photos by Marie Staggat

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